Educational practice

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ESB will teach the Hungarian curriculum for Bilingual schools in Hungarian for Hungarian Literature, Hungarian grammar, science and Maths. The curriculum can be downloaded here. We will test students annually to make sure that they are achieving the standards that will allow them to progress to enter the best Hungarian schools at the end of grade 8. They will also receive report cards twice a year as approved by the Hungarian ministry for education. We will share the results with parents.

For the remainder of the subjects we will use the Cambridge International school curriculum as appropriate, specifically for extra Science, extra Maths and English. However We will teach some science and maths terminology and language in Hungarian and English so that students will be able to recognise key science terms and expressions later. ?? Is this last sentence needed as these subjects will be taught in Hungarian as well??

“The world has changed and so must education”

What has not changed is that ESB believes that the role of education is to inspire students to reach their potential and encourage them to grow so that the can become positive contributors to our society.
However we live in a world where there is so much knowledge and content that is readily available. It is accessible quickly and seems to change and evolved constantly. Today’s facts can easily become tomorrow’s fiction. Therefore “what” we know is no longer most important. Instead we need to train ourselves and our children to focus on questions of how, why and ultimately what can be done with the current information.

The task of our school is to give students the confidence to challenge and discover. We need to encourage them to take risks and to create those opportunities within our programmes. Students need to be reassured that real learning only takes place when mistakes are made and time is spent reflecting errors and learning from them. Children need to embrace that fact that getting it wrong is often the start point to getting it right. To achieve this ESB works hard to positively encourage students willingness to search for new outcomes and reward that energy. Only in this way will they build the self confidence to grow.